We use 100% biologically recycable disposables. Our dishes are hand-made, wirh fresh bio products.


  We have a variation of typical mexican street food, Our food is authentic and hand-made, we use exotic ingredients and special spices.

  Truck & Installations:

  Our foodtruck was produces by the specialized copany Borco Höhns and has a small kitchen with two fridges, steel surfaces, grill, deep-fryer, Bain Matie, sink 

  with hot water, integrated water tank, extractor hood  and saladiere. The trucks kitchen fulfills the HACCP standards.

  Elektricity: 230V/ 16Amp / Kwh Max: 0,77  Gas system: deep-fryer, Bain Marie and grill are supplied by two gas bottles of 11 kg.

  Truck measurements: L x W x H   5500mm/ 2000 mm/ 3000mm / Kg 3,250 ton